Why use hand sanitizer?

Hand sanitizer is a great option to help clean your hands when you are not able to wash them with soap and water.    Particularly as you are away from home, hand sanitizer use makes sense after you shop, get gasoline, touch surfaces that others might touch (e.g. grocery carts), or even if you dine out or get take out.  Keeping your hands clean is one of the best ways to help fight disease transmission.


What is unique about LXR Healthcare hand sanitizer?

  • WHO compliant
  • FDA registered formulations
  • Manufactured in FDA registered facilities
  • Convenience packaging
  • Easy to take on the go
  • High percentage alcohol formulations maximize germ killing


Why purchase online direct?

Since our products are not always readily available at every retail outlet we want to make sure you have access to them direct from us.


Do you offer special pricing for non-profit organizations and or government organizations?

Please contact us with your specific needs and we will be pleased to discuss how we can best offer assistance.